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Useful Resources for Instructors & Dancers

Scottish Country Dance Database (SCDDB)

This database holds information on over 21,000 Scottish country dances, formations, publications, albums/CDs, musical recordings, and credits the people behind them all.

RSCDS Index to Formations and Movements

The Index has three main sections:

The Index is available in the “Members Only Content” section of the RSCDS website. Log in, then look under Membership Services Committee and click on Index to Formations and Movements.

RSCDS YouTube Channel
Videos of interest such as Steps and Technique videos and demonstrations of RSCDS Book dances.
RSCDS YouTube Archive

A treasure trove of older videos.

Reel Scottish Dancing Video

An instructional video which is suitable for both experienced dances and those new to this dance style. The video explains how to dance reels, jigs and strathspeys and includes a helpful commentary. The Steps are walked out and shown in slow motion and the most frequently used formations demonstrated with many walked through. 34 dances which appear frequently on dance programmes are demonstrated.

Details of the Steps, Formations and the Dances: Foot Positions; Slip Step; Skip Change of Step; Advance and Retire; Pas de Basque; Strathspey Travelling Step; Strathspey Advance/ Retire; Strathspey Setting Step; Stepping Up or Down; Bow and Curtsey.